Transferring Files From Old To New Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy your emails every week, thank you so much for sharing your skills. You have helped me get rid of the annoying Windows 10 notice and now I am considering changing my home desktop to Windows 10, it now is Windows 7.

I just purchased a Windows 10 machine and with your tutorials am learning how it operates.

My question is since my laptop is small. no disc drives, only USB inputs, can I link both computers together with a long USB connector at each end ( if I can find one) and transfer files ?

I hope most of my programs from Windows 7 will work on Windows 10

Thanks so much , waiting for your reply, Harlan

Dear Harlan,

It is probably possible to connect your two computers with a USB cable and transfer files, but it would be far easier to get a USB data stick, or a USB hard drive and copy files from the first computer onto the disk, then connect it to the second computer and copy them onto the second computer.

There are a couple of advantages to using this method. First it is easy, pretty much just like using a floppy disk used be back in the day. Second is that you will end up with a backup copy of your files on the disk or USB drive that you use for the data transfer.

Using this (or any) method will allow you to transfer your data files like documents, pictures, music, emails, and contacts from one computer to the other. It will not, however allow you to transfer programs from one to the other. The programs will need to be installed on the new computer from either original disks, or downloads.



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