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Dear Computer Lady,

Have learned so much over the years from you.

When you work with windows 10 will you try to find out how to create a shortcut for a webpage you are viewing.

Used to be rt. click and then click create shortcut and it would appear on the desktop. it does not work with 10.

I appreciate your help, Nancy in Florida

Dear Nancy,

The new browser that comes with Windows 10, the Edge browser, does not have a shortcut for saving a link to a webpage on the desktop.

Your options in Edge would be to click the star and save the webpage to your favorites (you could put a shortcut to your favorites folder on your desktop) or you can copy the website address from the address bar, right click on your desktop, point to “New” click on “Shortcut” and paste the address in the new shortcut dialog box. Not the easiest solutions, but the best workarounds I could find.

However, Internet Explorer still has that feature, and it is still available in Windows 10. Just check out my article from last week on finding Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and you should be all set.

In case you missed it, here is a link to last week’s article:

In addition to IE, you could also use Chrome or Firefox. In those browsers, you just drag from the address bar to the desktop to create a shortcut.



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