Windows Update Blocked By Avira

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Window 10, that I keep updated regularly. I have Avast AV.

This latest win 10 update will not ‘take’ because “some apps need to be uninstalled’, and shows Avira AV. I can find absolutely no trace of it in my files, or in add/remove. I have no knowledge of ever installing it, either. Had AVG prior to Avast. What to do?

Enjoy your newsletters. You are the best, Rae

Dear Rae,

I have seen this issue a couple of times recently, and been able to fix it.

What you need to do is find any folders on your computer that have the word “Avira” in the name and either rename or delete them.

You might find the folder or folders in your program files, but I have also found them in random places like a backup from an older computer.

The easiest way to find them folder or folders is to go the Windows Explorer, click on “This PC” in the left column, then in the search box type, Avira and let Windows search for the files and folders. It will probably take a while, but so far I have been able to fix this error message by searching for and removing old Avira folders.



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