You Don’t Need To Buy Drivers

Dear Computer Lady,

I keep getting messages wanting me to buy drivers before I can download windows 10.
Should I keep windows 7 until my computer gives up, or pay for drivers for a 5 year old computer.

I can’t really afford to buy at this time.

Thanks, Liz

Dear Liz,

You should not need to buy drivers before you upgrade to Windows 10. In fact, you should never need to buy drivers, ever.

A driver is simply a software program that makes your hardware work. Drivers are updated and provided by the hardware manufacturer on their site free of charge. After all, you did already pay for the hardware.

Those messages you are getting must be some sort of advertising. You can simply ignore them.

As for upgrading to 10, you can certainly try it. Make sure your files are backed up first, then try the upgrade. If you find that it is not for you, you will have 30 days to go back to Windows 7.



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