Zip Program For Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a good free unzip program for Windows 10?


Dear Linda,

Yes there is, and you don’t have to install anything to use it.

Windows 10 comes with the ability to zip and unzip files.

If you have a zipped file on your computer, just right-click on the file, then click “Extract All” in the context menu that appears. Your computer will display a dialog that will allow you to extract the files to your desired location.

If you want to extract only some of the files, just double click on the zipped file. Windows 10 will display the contents and you can just drag the file to your desired location to extract that file from the zipped folder.

If you have a file, or folder containing multiple files that you want to compress (or zip) into a single file, just right-click on that file or folder, hover your cursor over, “Send To” and then click on “Compressed (zipped) folder”

Windows will create a compressed (or zipped) file containing all the files in the original folder. This makes the size smaller, and combines it into one file to make it easier for sending as an email attachment, or storing on a smaller disk.



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