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Dear Computer Lady,

I frequently move pictures to a special folder that I have created.

In the past, when I had Windows XP, I could add that folder to my Send To menu that appears when I right click on a file. Now that I have Windows Vista, I can’t figure out how to add locations to my “Send To” menu. Can you help me?



Dear Barb,

First, you need to open the Send To folder.

To do this in Vista (and Windows 7) click on the Start button, and in the search box, type the following:


Press the “enter” key on your keyboard and a window for the “SendTo folder will open.

Now, you can add a shortcut to any folder to the SendTo menu by creating a shortcut to that folder in this window.

Keep the SendTo window open, but move it to one side of your screen, and open the folder containing your photos folder on the other side of your screen.

Using your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, drag the folder you want to create a shortcut to into the SendTo folder window. Make sure you use your right mouse button, or you will actually move all your photos and that would not be a good thing.

When you release your right mouse button, a small context menu will appear. Click on “Create Shortcut here” and a shortcut to your folder will appear.

Now, when you right click on a file, the SendTo menu will include your pictures folder.

You can use this method to add a shortcut to any item to your SendTo menu. If you add a shortcut to your printer, you can print a file without even opening it.


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