Can I Install Windows 7 On My New Computer?

Dear Computer Lady,

I got a new laptop and I hate windows 8.

If I can find a windows7 DVD can I just install it?
And also do you know where I can buy a 7 DVD?

Thank you very much, Gladys

Dear Gladys,

Windows 7 can be installed on your new laptop, but it is not as easy as installing a program.

Windows is an operating system (OS). The operating system is responsible for starting the computer, loading programs, communicating with hardware devices like your printer, mouse and keyboard, displaying output to the monitor, and accepting input from you, the user.

Most operating systems (OS) allow you to upgrade to a newer OS, but they do not allow you to downgrade to an earlier OS. To install Windows 7 on your Windows 8 computer, you will need to erase the portion of your hard drive that contains Windows 8, then use the Windows 7 DVD to start your computer and install Windows 7. This is not something the average computer user will be able to do, however, it is something that I do for my customers, and I would imagine you would be able to have your local computer shop do for you as well.



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