Can I Install Windows XP with Windows 7?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows 7 but I want to know if I can also install windows XP on my computer as well.
My problem is the 4-card Keno program I want will only work on XP but not on windows 7.

I look forward to your email every week and keep telling everyone about your great newsletters and all the help you have been to me. This is the first time I have had a question that I could not find in your emails.

Thank you so much for all of your help and advise.



Dear Edna,

The short answer to your question is that you can’t install Windows XP on your Windows 7 computer… at least not without either erasing your entire computer, or upgrading to the premium edition of Windows 7 and installing a couple of complicated programs.

That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do, but it would require a lot of work, and a lot of technical knowledge on your part.

There are two ways you can get Windows XP to work on your Windows 7 computer.

The first way is to set the computer up so that when it turns on, it gives you the choice between Windows XP and Windows 7.

To do this, you must first erase the entire computer, then install Windows XP and once the XP installation is finished, you can install Windows 7 again.

You would need to have installation disks, and license keys for both Windows XP and Windows 7. A recovery disk would not work since you would be setting up the computer differently from how the manufacturer set it up.

The second method would be to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and then install Windows Virtual PC, and Windows XP Mode. Both of the Virtual PC and XP Mode are available to download from Microsoft, but you would need to purchase your upgrade to the Professional version of Windows 7, and you would also need a license key for XP.

Both of these methods are complicated to set up, and you would either need to be familiar with the process of installing Windows, or you would need to hire someone who is.

Microsoft designed the XP Mode for small and medium sized businesses so that they could continue to run their business software on newer computers.


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    • bard82
    • April 21, 2012

    For Edna whose 4 card keno game doesn’t work with Windows 7. Seems to me the easiest solution is to upgrade the card game. Possibly the one she uses now offers a Win7-compatible version. Certainly someone out there must.

    • SP_Francisco
    • April 24, 2012

    Sorry if my english is not too correct, but I’m learning this language and my level is low. I hope to make me understand.

    I’m not using Windows 7, but I think that it contains a ‘compatibility mode’ that allow to run some programs for previous versions. For example, I’m using Windows XP and I continue using some programs for Windows 95 using this method (the method, if exists, can be different for Windows 7):

    Right-Click on the EXE file for the program; click “Properties”, then the “Compatibility” tab, and select “Run this program in Compatibility Mode” and select the correct OS. Then, try to run the program.

    If this suggestion do not work, I use also another trick for important programs that do not contains a version for the new OS: a “emulator” or “virtual machine” (example of virtual machine is Vmware Player). You can to find the Vmware player searching on the net, and also you can fo find for a OS adequate (Windows XP in your case). The virtual machine runs a packaged version of some OS (linux, Windows XP, etc.) and enable to install/run on their environment some programs. Another use for the virtual machine is try/evaluate some programs without messing/corrupt my installation.

    I can’t to give aditional details because I do not know Windows 7; perhaps someone can to confirm this or give a more detailed explanation.

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