Can’t Open XLS files

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi, I did a system restore and now am unable to open xls files and others that are sent to me by email. I am running windows 7 prof 64 bit.

Thank you, Roni

Dear Roni,

It sounds like you used to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, and now after recovering your computer to its original configuration, you no longer have Office installed.

You have two choices, you can re-install Office from the disks that you used to install it the first time, or if you no longer have the disks, you could always go to and download & install the free, open source program, Open Office.



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    • PC Man
    • July 30, 2013

    If Microsoft Office is still installed he could try repairing it.

    • PC Man
    • August 1, 2013

    Ironically I just had this problem yesterday and found it was my firewall was blocking Excel only, from the Office 2010 Starter program. I had to put the firewall back to “training mode” to let it know the program Excel was OK. Yet it worked last week???

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