Desktop Icons in Pictures Library

Dear Computer Lady,

I am running windows 7 and my desktop icons have been duplicated in my pictures library. When I delete them from the library it deletes them from the desk top also. I do not know how to move them out of the pictures library.

How can I do this? Thank you, Glee

Dear Glee,

Windows 7 introduced the concept of libraries for file management, but it can be confusing to get used to.

The thing that you need to understand is that a library is not a folder. It is more like a set of search results.

My guess is that your desktop is included in your pictures library. All you have to do is remove the desktop folder from your pictures library. Here is how:

1. Click on “Start” and then click on “Pictures”.

2. In the Pictures Library window, it will say how many locations are included. Click on the blue word “Locations”.

3. A smaller dialog box will open showing you the different folders that are included in your pictures library. Click on your desktop folder, then click on the “Remove” button on the right.

4. Click the “OK” button to save your changes and close the window.


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