Grouping Programs

Dear Computer Lady,

I would like to group my programs, such as “Printing and Graphics” “Computer Maintenance” etc. in my all programs list.

I used to do this with Win98, but have not figured out how on Win 7.

Can you please help? Thanks, Lesa


Dear Lesa,

I agree that creating your own categories in the start menu makes it easier to find the programs and utilities you are looking for. Here are the directions for organizing your start menu in Windows 7.

1. Click on “Start”

2. Right click on “All Programs” and in the context menu click “Open all users”

Note: I had to right-click more than once to get the correct context menu, so if all you see is “Properties” the first time you right click, just try again.

3. This will open a windows explorer window showing you the folders in your start menu.

4. I like to open another copy of this same window by repeating steps 1 and 2, and then arrange the two windows side by side.

5. Now, you can create folders to group your programs into, and drag the programs into the new folders.

6. When you are finished, you can close both windows, and check your start menu to see the changes.


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