Hibernate Not Available

Dear Computer Lady,

I am missing hibernate command on Win7.

I have tried M/S Fixit but still doesn’t show on the start command.

Thanks, Jdoby

Dear Jdoby,

There are several reasons why the hibernate command might not be available to you.

If your computer hardware does not support hibernate, it will not be displayed on the shut down menu.

The Hiberfil.sys file, which Windows uses to store data in the RAM when it hibernates might be missing. It seems that some programs that “clean out” your computer can delete that file to create more free space on your hard drive.

The sleep and/or hibernate functions might be turned off in the BIOS of your computer.

The Hybrid Sleep feature is turned on: The Hybrid Sleep feature puts the computer to sleep and generates a hibernation file when the user selects the Sleep option in any of the power option menus. Therefore, Hibernate is not offered as a power option when Hybrid Sleep is enabled, since sleep does the same thing.

There is not enough free space on the hard drive: You need to have as much free space on the hard drive as you have RAM space. This is because all the contents of RAM are stored on the hard drive during hibernation.


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