How to Change Sound Schemes

Here is a quick Windows 7 tip for you.

Did you know that you can change the sounds your computer makes during different system events like starting up, error sounds, new mail sounds and more?

Windows 7 comes with several different sound schemes, and you can try them all out. Here is how:

To change your Windows 7 sound scheme

1. Click on the “Start” orb.

2. Click on “Control Panel” in the start menu.

3. Click on “Hardware and Sound”.

4. Click on “Sound”.

5. Click the “Sounds” tab.

6. You will see a drop down list under, “Sound Scheme:”.

7. Click the sound scheme that you want to use, and click “OK”

Note: If you have no idea what each sound scheme sounds like, select a scheme, then in the Program events list, click on an event, then click the “Test” button.


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