How to Create More Space for System Restore

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been using your problem solving and suggestions for several years now, however this the first time I have a problem that I do not recall your addressing before.

Recently I had occasion to restore my system however I was surprised to find all but one of my restore points have vanished. The one left was the most recent. I never had this problem with vista or windows XP, why are the restore points being erased?

Is there anything I can do to keep several restore points available??

thanks in advance for your help, Michael

Dear Michael,

Storing restore points takes up a lot of space on your computer, so Windows 7 is set up to use only a small percentage of your hard drive, and delete the oldest restore points as it creates new ones.

You can, however change the amount of space used by system restore by following these directions:

1. Click on “Start” then right-click on “Computer” and click “Properties” in the context menu.

2. Your system information window will open. Click on “System Protection” in the left column.

3. Your System Properties dialog box will appear with the “System Protection” tab selected. Click the, “Configure” button in the Protection Settings section.

4. In the system protection dialog box, you will see a slider near the bottom, slide it to the right to increase the amount of available space for system restore.



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    • sj_kac
    • August 28, 2013

    Backup, Backup, Backup.

    From what I have read on other sites using System Restore is not the best way to go. There can still be some instability in the system.
    The best method is to do Windows Image backups to an external disk drive. Then when you need to revert to past configuration just, backup you data, re-install the image, re-install your data, and your are ready to go.

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