How To Find Windows Photo Viewer

Dear Computer Lady,

I find that I do not have Windows Photo Viewer in my Windows 7 computer. Is there a download for it somewhere? When I receive pictures from the family, I am unable to view them since I don’t have the Viewer. I did have the machine worked on sometime back, so not sure what happened that it was deleted.

Thank you, Margaret

Dear Margaret,

Windows Photo Viewer is actually part of Windows 7, so chances are you have it on your computer, you just need to find it.

Since it is part of Windows, and it doesn’t have it’s own file, you can’t just search for the program. You can, however, set it as your default photo viewer. Here is how.

1. Right-click on your start button
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on “Default Programs” (You might have to click on “Programs” first, depending on your setup)
4. Click on “Set your default programs”.
5. You will see a list of programs in the left column. Find “Windows Photo Viewer” in this list and click on it.
6. Click “Set this program as default”
7. Click the “OK” button in the lower-right corner of the window.



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