How To Fix Sudden Problems

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I have searched your site and cannot find a solution. Please help!

My son’s laptop (ASUS, Microsoft 7) has all of a sudden been dropping the wifi connection. It seems to only occur when he navigates to “Library” area. This area looks like it contains music, files, pictures, etc. Do you have any idea why his laptop would disconnect when he goes to this area? We have spent all day trying to fix this and have no solution. I really hate to go all the way back to factory restore, but is there another solution?

THANKS, Debbie

Dear Debbie,

I don’t have any idea why the connection would be dropping when he goes to certain folders on the computer, but I do have a suggestion for fixing any problem that comes on suddenly.

Before you do a complete factory restore, try using system restore to go back to an earlier time (just before the problem started)

To use system restore, click on “Start”, then point to, “All Programs”, “Accessories”, “System Tools” and finally click on “System Restore”.

The system restore wizard will walk you through selecting a date to restore to, and attempt to restore your settings back to that date. None of your data files will be affected.

If the system restore is successful, you won’t have to do the factory restore.



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