How to Remove Windows Password

Dear Computer Lady,

My computer is Vista Home Premium. I would like to eliminate the password when signing on to my computer.

Any help you can offer will be much appreciated.,

Thanks, Judy

Dear Judy,

Actually, it is pretty easy to remove the password on your computer. It also makes it easier to log in to your computer each time you turn it on.

Just follow these directions to remove the password from your computer.

The following directions work for Both Vista and Windows 7.

1. Click on “Start” then click on the small picture right above your user name on the right side of your start menu.
(Or, you can click on “Control Panel”, “User Accounts and Family Safety”, and then “Change Your Windows Password”.)
2. Click on “Remove your password”.
3. Type your current password in the box, and then click the button that says, “Remove Password”.
4. Close the Control Panel window, and your password is now removed.


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    • ailurophile
    • September 25, 2010

    Removing the log-in password makes it easier for ANYBODY to get on your computer, Judy. If, like me, you’re the only one in the house who uses the computer, that’s fine; but if you share the computer, or you want restrictions on your computer,(file access, parental controls), they will not work unless there is an authorization system (log-in and password) in place. If you have a wireless network, a computer log-in is one more layer of security from signal-hijackers. Remember, everything that you do to make the computer easier for you also makes it easier for others to get on, also.

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