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Dear Computer Lady,

When I used Windows XP years ago I learned how to TILE, that is – to place 2 photographs side by side or 1 above the other on the computer screen. It was very handy to compare 2 similar photos of the same scene or object to decide which ‘shot’ was the best to keep.

Now that I have Windows 7 I don’t know how to accomplish that procedure. Can you give me the steps to perform for this operation?


Dear Steve,

In Windows 7, you can tile two windows side by side quite easily.

Using your mouse, drag the title bar of one window to the left side of your screen. When the cursor hits the edge of the screen, the window will automatically fill just the left half of your desktop.

Next, drag the other window to the right edge of your screen. Again, when the cursor touches the right edge, the window will automatically fill just the right half of your desktop.

Have fun comparing your photos.



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