Installing Service Pack 1

Dear Computer Lady,

Do recommend my doing the Windows 7 SP 1 update to my computer or are there any negative side effects yet remaining to the Win 7 Service Pack 1 update?

Thank you for your reply, Tony


Dear Tony,

I do recommend installing the Windows 7 service pack. Here is why.

All Windows service packs are just collections of updates that have been released over time. Since the updates have been available, they are already known to be stable. You want to make sure you have all the updates because many of them were released to make your computer more secure. If you missed an update or two along the way, you might be vulnerable to malware.

Before you do the update, be sure to create a restore point. That way, if your computer has any problems, you can restore it to the time just before the update.


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    • sj_kac
    • November 25, 2012

    Your recommendation to do a restore point before doing the update is good. But it is better to use the Windows 7 Image Backup to create an image of your system. And then restore from that image if something goes wrong. (Which is easy to do and everyone should be doing image backups just as good practice). It seems to me to be a cleaner process to restore from a known good image backup than to just move back to a restore point. I do not know how much cleaning up happens when returning to a restore point, but I know restoring to a known good image is very clean.
    Maybe you could do an article on how much returning to a restore point cleans up and what problems might still be left behind?

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