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Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy your questions and answers and find them very helpful. However now I have a question of my own.

I am using windows 7 on a laptop and I used to have a volume icon on the bottom task bar. It has disappeared and I would like to know how to restore the icon. I find it useful to control the volume in a program. Keep up your good work.

Respectfully, Sandy

Dear Sandy,

It sounds like one of two things has happened, either your volume icon is hidden on your taskbar, or it has been removed altogether. Both situations can be easily fixed, so lets get started.

First, to see if your volume icon is just hidden, find the little triangle in the system tray, you will know you have found the right icon when you hover your mouse pointer over it, and “Show hidden icons” pops up.

Click on the “Show hidden icons” arrow and a small box with icons from the system tray will appear. If you volume icon was simply hidden, it will appear in this window.

If you don’t see the volume icon, click on the word, “Customize” at the bottom of the small box, then click on “Turn system icons on or off” in the next window.

Click the drop down list next to, “Volume” and select “On”.

Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box to close the window and save your changes.

If your volume icon is missing, but the setting says it is on, try turning it off, click “OK” and then go back in and turn it back on. Sometimes this will fix the problem.



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    • Adela
    • May 11, 2013

    Hello Computer Lady and thank you for your most useful site and emails! But I’m sorry I have a difficult time finding where to ask a question. I hope it’s okay to ask here:

    This is not about my missing an icon, but about the sound of my speakers. I bought a pair because they were small to fit into my ONLY little corner. But the volume, at the maximum, was kind of tiny. My question:

    What’s the accepted standard of decibels? I returned the speakers but forgot to find out what the decibels were so I could check it in my next purchase.

    Thanks so much for a prompt answer. :o) Adela

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