Missing Volume Icon

Dear Computer Lady,

The volume to my laptop was put in the recycle bin.

Then the recycle bin (trash) was emptied. Now my volume doesn’t work.

How do I fix this?


Dear Debbie,

Are you referring to the volume icon that is usually located in the lower-right corner of your desktop near the time?

If you are, there is an easy way to turn it back on.

1. Right click on a blank area of the taskbar, and click on “Properties” in the context menu that appears.

2. The “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” dialog box will open. Click on the “Customize…” button located halfway down the page.

3. A list of icons that can be displayed in the notification area will be displayed. Find the “Volume” icon.

4. Click the drop down list to the right of “Volume” and click to select, “Show icon and notifications”.

5. If you don’t see the volume icon, click the link below the list that says, “Turn system icons on or off” and click the drop down list to turn on the “Volume” icon.

6. Click all the “OK” buttons to save your changes and close the windows.


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