OpenOffice and Windows 7

Dear Computer Lady,

Is Windows 7 fully compatible with the free download of Open Office?



Dear Dick,

I have not yet installed Open Office on my Windows 7 computer, and their website does not yet mention Windows 7 in the system but after doing a little research on the internet, I have learned that it is fully compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows 7, and it seems to work most of the time with the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

First, you should check and see which version of Windows 7 you are running. To do this, click on the “Start Orb” then right click on, “Computer” and click on “Properties” in the context menu that appears.

In the information window that opens, look in the “System” section next to, “System type:” It will say either 64-bit or 32-bit.

If your computer has the 32-bit version of Windows 7, you should be able to go ahead and install OpenOffice. It is always a good idea to backup your system before installing a new program.

If you have the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you really want to make sure you backup your system before trying to install OpenOffice.


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