Saving Files in Vista & 7

Dear Computer Lady,

I currently have Vista Home Premium.

When I had Windows 98, I was able to save a document directly into the folder of my choice. Now I have to save to Documents and drag to the folder. Is there a way to save directly into the Folder I want?

Lynn in Florida


Dear Lynn,

When you save a document in Vista or Windows 7, the dialog box gives you only one obvious choice, your Documents folder, but with one click of a button, you can easily access any folder on your computer.

Next time you go to save a file, when the Save As dialog box comes up, look in the lower left hand corner of the dialog box window and click on the button that says, “Browse Folders”. This will instantly expand the Save As dialog box to allow you to browse through your folders and save the file in the folder of your choice.

The good news is that Vista will remember that you clicked that “Browse Folders” button and the next time you save a file, the folders will be visible from the start.


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