Typing Symbols

Dear Computer Lady,

I have recently purchased a laptop computer after having owned a desk top for many years.

As there are no numbers on the right hand side of the keyboard, is there any way I can find symbols to match things like degrees (167 on XP) and the pound sign (156 on XP).

Many thanks for your help, Lyn


Dear Lyn,

You are right, you won’t be able to type those shortcuts without a number keypad on your new laptop. If you had a full sized keyboard with the number keypad on the right, you would still be able to type them with Windows 7.

You can insert those symbols using the character map. Here is how:

1. Click on the start button.
2. In the search box, type “character map” and press the “Enter” key.
3. In the Character Map window, scroll down to find the symbol you want to use, and double click on it to copy it.
4. Go to your document that you are typing and paste the symbol.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ™ ?

I pasted a few symbols from my character map.


If you have a few symbols that you use a lot, you can always paste them into a text file and use that to copy from when creating a document.


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