Upgrade From Vista To 7?

Dear Computer Lady,

When I purchased my Hewlett Packard computer it came with windows vista.

Can I change it to Windows 7?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Charlotte,

Since Windows 7 is a little bit faster and leaner than Vista, you probably do have the hardware needed to upgrade your Vista Computer to Windows 7, however, you will have to purchase Windows 7 first.

I looked around online and found that even the upgrade version of Windows 7 is just over a hundred dolars, so the question I would have to ask, is do you need to upgrade from Vista to 7?

The differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7 are small. Most of the time when I am using a computer that has either one or the other, I can’t tell unless I look at the computer properties which operating system I am working with.

If you are experiencing problems with Vista, upgrading to Windows 7 without first formatting (erasing) your hard drive will probably just import those problems into Windows 7 with you. A better solution in this case would be to have a clean install of Vista done on your computer.

If I was using a computer with Vista, and thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, I would ask myself the following questions.

1. Will my computer support Windows 7? (Microsoft has a list of hardware requirements and even a little program you can download and run to determine if your computer will support 7)

2. Do I have have an issue that needs Windows 7 to fix it?


3. Am I having problems that are just going to be carried over when I upgrade to Windows 7?

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    • ron007
    • December 1, 2012

    I agree with CL’s assessment all the way through. Right now I’ve got Vista Business, Win7 Pro and Win8 Pro triple booting on my Vista laptop. I do notice slightly “better” performance and boot time going from Vista to Win7 to Win8.

    You definitely should do a “Clean” install rather than an in place upgrade. The upgrade is convenient, because it can keep your apps and data files in place. On the down side, YES, it will carry over malware infections and and configuration corruptions.

    Before doing the Windows install, make sure to do an image copy backup of your current installation so you can return to it if you must. As well, you may want to do simple copy backup so you can more easily extract files into the new installation.

    Before the Win7 install, make sure you run a tool like Belarc to extract product keys and registration keys, and ensure that you have the installation disks / files for all of the programs you want to keep.

    Right now, until the end of January 2013, if you do decide to upgrade your OS the BEST way to go is buy Window 8 Pro. You can get it for $40 from MS, $69 from stores. Then after you get it, you get the DOWNGRADE to Win7! In the long run that will be cheaper than buying a Win7 upgrade.



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