Using Picture It! With Windows 7

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Microsoft publishing platinumused on MS-XP.

My new Dell with Microsoft -7 will not accept the above Publishing program.

HELP!! David


Dear David,

I did a little research and found that Microsoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum was released in 2000 thru 2002, so your program is roughly 10 years old. That means there is a pretty good chance that it is just not compatible with Windows 7. You can check compatibility online at:

I found that most versions of Picture It! are not compatible with Windows 7, but there are a couple of versions that have an upgrade available that you can download that will make it work.

If your version is not compatible, you have a couple of options, available to you, all of them will cost money though.

If you absolutely must continue to run this version of Publishing Platinum, you should be able to run it in Windows XP mode on your Windows 7 computer. The catch here is that you must have the professional or Ultimate version of Windows 7. The home versions don’t come with the Virtual XP program.

You can purchase the current desktop publishing program available from Microsoft, Publisher 2010. According to Microsoft on their website, you can download a filter that will allow you to import files created in Picture It.

If you don’t need to import your old files, but just want an affordable and easy to use desktop publishing program, I would suggest that you try PagePlus from Serif Software.

I have used PagePlus for many years now, and the company is great at keeping the software up to date.

I hope one of these options works for you.


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