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Last week we talked about a new feature for working with windows in Windows 7.

This new feature is called, “Aero Snaps” because the features snap the window into place based on where you move the window.

Last week, we maximized a window by dragging the title bar to the top of your desktop, and maximized a window vertically by dragging the top edge of the window to the top of the screen.

This week, I want to show you a cool way to use another set of Aero Snap features, snap left, and snap right.


In order to use this feature to its full advantage, you should be working with two open windows. I know I do a lot of work with two windows open, usually I am researching something in my web browser, and writing an article in notepad at the same time.

Here is how to use snap left and snap right to make your work easier.

1. Open your first program, and drag the title bar of the program to the middle of the left side of your screen. When your cursor gets close to the edge of the screen, your window will snap to fill the left side of your monitor.

2. Open your second program, and drag the title bar to the right side of your screen. This will cause the window to fill the right side of your monitor.

You will now be able to work with both windows open and visible.

Another way to use the snap left and snap right features would be to open two folders and drag files from one to the other. This is great for organizing your photos or documents.


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