How To Make Windows 8 Automatically Log In

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Have been reading your newsletter for several years and have learn a lot from them,Thank you!!

I have a new PC with Windows 8, the HP Pavilian.

What can I do to keep from having to log in all the time? I know one can set it so any one can use it . I tried to do that but it will not work.RoadRunner tecks did not help me either.

Can you help me?

Thank You, Carmen

Dear Carmen,

I can help you with this!

You will need to open the advanced User Accounts program, which is hidden unless you know where to look for it.

1. Go to your start screen (my favorite way to go there is to tap the windows logo key) and type the following in the search box:


If you don’t see a search box in the start screen, don’t worry, just start typing and it will appear.

Tap the “Enter” key on your keyboard and the “User Accounts” dialog box will open.

2. The very first item in this dialog box says, “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” Click to remove the check mark from this item and click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box.

3. A new dialog box will open prompting you to type the user name and password for your user account. Enter the user name (make sure the user name is correct, sometimes windows puts a shortened version there) and type your password twice, then click “OK”.

Restart your computer to make sure the new settings are working.



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