How To Organize Photos in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

I have finally been able to move pictures to my photos in my documents on windows 8.1. but what I cant do is put several pictures into one folder. Like the Christmas pictures, I want them all together in the Christmas folder.

Do I have to download the ‘photos’ app to do this.?

Thanks, Sue

Dear Sue,

You can organize your pictures into folders using just Windows Explorer (Now called File Explorer).

Open File Explorer and move it to one side of your desktop so that it takes up half the screen.

Next, right click on the File Explorer icon on your task-bar, and click on “File Explorer” in the context menu. This will open a second File Explorer window. Move this second window to the other side of your desktop so that you can see both windows.

Now, open the folder containing your pictures on one side, and the folder you want to move your pictures to on the other side. Drag your photos from one window to the other to move them.

This is the best way I have found to organize files like photos.



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