How To Share Information Between Computers

Dear Computer Lady,

Good evening to you Elizabeth, I have a simple question but yet it is too difficult for me to figure out. I have a desktop PC just upgraded to Win 10. I also have a HP Laptop that use to be Win 8.1 but now also upgraded to Win 10. I would like to be able to share same information, IE, documents, etc between each computer.

Is this all possible with use of the cloud? Or do we still have a set procedure to network both computers together?

I hope you are able to answer my question.

Sincerely, Kenneth of Louisiana

Dear Kenneth,

One of the advantages of the newer versions of Windows, and specifically, OneDrive is that you can automatically keep your settings and documents synced between devices.

First, if you log into both your desktop and laptop with the same Microsoft account, you can set your desktop settings and app settings to sync automatically.

Just click on “Start” and type “Sync Settings” to open your OneDrive settings dialog. Then click the settings you want to sync between computers.

For your files, simply store files you want to sync in the OneDrive folder, and they will automatically be stored on both computers, and in the cloud.



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