How To Transfer Favorites & Contacts

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Bought a new Windows 8 Laptop.

How do I get all my E mail addresses and Favorites off the old Desktop computer into the new Laptop?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Pat

Dear Pat,

Transferring all your files and information from an older computer to a new one is a service that I provide for my customers quite often.

The answer to your question depends on what version of Windows you had on your old computer, and where you had your old email addresses stored.

If you are upgrading from XP, I have directions on my website at: and at:

If your old laptop is running Windows Vista or 7, you can simply copy the “Contacts” and “Favorites” folders from the old computer to the same location in the new computer.

If you live in the area, I would be happy to provide this service for you.



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    • Pakeha
    • November 12, 2013

    The part about you liking Windows 8 except the lack of the start button prompted this comment. In windows 7 to start a program that is not on your desktop you click the Start Button and choose the program (Click #2). What is different with Windows 8?
    If the program is not on the Desktop press the Windows key on the keyboard or with Windows 8.1 click the Start Flag then click the program you want on the Tile screen, click #2.
    Why the preference for the Windows 7 Start Button?
    Same with search. It is no more clicks to start a program or start a search. would you unconfused me please?

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