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Dear Computer Lady,

My new laptop computer has Windows 8. Needless to say it is different than our desktop. Rather frustrating to run so far but I am determined to learn.

Could you suggest a book for guiding me thru this learning process? I do have “Windows for Dummies” from the library.

Can I safely remove most of the “apps” on the beginning screen – ones I am sure I will not use?

Thank you for your newsletter. Marilyn

Dear Marilyn,

Congratulations on your determination to learn the new operating system. For the most part, Windows 8 works the same as older operating systems, the only difference is getting to your programs now that the start menu has been replaced by the start screen.

I would suggest either the book, Windows 8: The Missing Manual, or the dvd, Professor Teaches Windows 8. The book is loaded with useful information, while the DVD gives you hands-on practice that you can use to prepare for Windows 8.

You can remove the apps on the start screen, you can also make them larger, or smaller, and re-arrange them to better meet your needs. Here is how:

Right-click on one of the larger tiles on your start screen, and you will see three options in the lower-left corner of your screen.

“Unpin from Start” will remove the tile from your start screen, but leave the application installed on your computer so you can use it in the future.

“Uninstall” removes the application from your computer. If you wanted to use it in the future, you would have to install it again.

“Smaller” will make the tile for that application smaller.

Once you have removed or resized the tiles, you can drag them around on the start screen so that the ones you use the most are at the beginning of the screen, with less frequently used tiles to the right.



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