Older Programs Don’t Work in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for many many years and still enjoy it and use it to my advantage very much.

I finally had to buy a new computer, its got win8. I am very unhappy with the industry since my older programs do not work on win8 and there appears to be no updates for them. Now i’m an old woman-74 years old. I come from self-taught DOS so I’ve come a long long way. So many people have helped me and your newsletter (thank you very much) has helped along the way also.
so back to win8.

My old programs I’m speaking of I’ve used for 10+ years. I love them and I see no reason to have to BUY newer versions or programs when the ones I have and learned inside out and backwards be discarded. I love them and use them often. Print Shop v6.0 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro are the two I am referring to. guess what, they do not work on win8 at all. I used the two above mentioned programs with Vista. Any solutions for me?

thanks so much for your newsletter and also your help. you do us all a great service. Way to go girl!

sincerely, Bess

Dear Bess,

I do feel your pain. I have invested years in programs that work great, only to find that they have been discontinued, or no longer work with newer operating systems. Unfortunately, this is part of the technology world that we live in.

What can you do? With your print shop program, you will probably just have to purchase a newer version of the program. Put it on your birthday or Christmas list, for those family members who are wondering what to get you.

As far as the Paint Shop Pro program, I loved that program as well, and was disapointed when it was bought by another company. I searched high and low looking for another program to replace it with, not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a program. I have ended up using Gimp, which is a free, open source graphics program. Because it is open source, it will always be free to use, and it is a work in progress, which means there are always improvements being made, and it will be updated to work with new operating systems as they come along.

You can learn more about Gimp, and download your own copy at: www.gimp.org
I hope this helps you with your graphics needs.



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    • kitwoolsey
    • July 30, 2013

    The problem may be because windows 7 and windows 8 are 64 bit based, while earlier versions are 32 bit based.

    There is a 32 bit emulator which is free. It is:;;


    It is not too difficult to install and use. This will permit your old programs to work.

    • vsxd1s2
    • July 30, 2013

    Many many older programs can be installed and work fine, in “Compatibility Mode.”
    By “Right Clicking Exe” file and choosing Operating System from drop down list.

    • ron007
    • July 30, 2013

    If you have Windows 8 Pro, you can use “Hyper-V” to create a “virtual computer” where you can run older versions of Windows that will run you programs.

    If you don’t have the right version of Win 8, you can use 3rd party tools like VirtualBox (there are others)

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