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Dear Computer Lady,

Some time ago you explained how to put all of the desktop icons in a folder that would auto-hide. Is this possible for Windows 8?

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Dear Sam,

I believe that you are referring to my directions for creating a quick-launch toolbar on the top of your desktop.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 and 8 no longer have that ability, but we can create some toolbars right on the taskbar in Windows 8. You can even put the Quick Launch toolbar on your taskbar. Here is how:

1. Right-Click on an empty spot on your Windows 8 taskbar

2. Point to “Toolbars” in the menu that appears, then click on, “New Toolbar…”.

3. A dialog box will open asking you to choose a folder. At this point, you could choose any folder that you have created, or, if you want to use the Quick Launch toolbar, type or paste the folling line into the “Folder” line:

%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

4. You now have the Quick Launch toolbar on your taskbar, and you can add icons to it by dragging them to the toolbar.



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