Remembering Passwords in Windows 8

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Would you please, please give me the extremely simple thing to do so my computer remembers my passwords. For example, if I sign in to Google, I must input my user name and password, some for library, etc. I have fixed it in the past, but have no idea how Thanks so much.

Windows 8, IE.


Dear Lauren,

I think I do have the simple thing for you to do so that Internet Explorer will remember your password.

After a little bit of research on Microsoft’s website, I learned that if you are using the IE app from the Windows 8 metro screen (the start screen with all the big square icons) it does not have the ability to save passwords.

If, however, you go to your desktop, and click on the Internet Explorer icon located there, it will save your passwords.

If that doesn’t work for you, another thing to try is to use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Chrome saves all my passwords, and (since I sign in with my Google account) it remembers those passwords if I am using my desktop, laptop, or even my iPad.



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    • Linda
    • May 6, 2014

    There is a GREAT program called LastPass. It saves all passwords and can be categorized into various groups. Works with all browsers.

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