Running Recovery in Windows 8

Dear Computer Lady,

I bought a new computer with windows 8 and did not like win8 at all, so I had a guy download Vista for me.

Vista for some reason did not function very well so I bought a refurbished computer with windows7 and I am very happy with it.

My question is, if I factory restore the new computer that now has Vista, will it reboot with windows8 so I can maybe sell it to someone?

Thank you for you past help and hopefully the help I need now. Jim

Dear Jim,

I’m sorry that you were not happy with Windows 8. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it seems to be a nice, stable version of Windows once you get used to the new interface.

If you can do a factory restore on the computer, then it should indeed go back to Windows 8.

Your ability to do a factory restore will depend on a few things.

If you have a set of recovery disks, then you will be able to restore your computer no matter what was done to the hard drive when Vista was installed.

If you don’t have a set of recovery disks, then you might not be able to run the recovery program. It all depends on what was done to the recovery partition when Vista was installed.

All you can do, is try to run the recovery program. If you are unable to run it, give the computer manufacturer a call and see if you can order a set of recovery disks for the computer.



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