Should I Get WIndows 8?

Dear Computer Lady,
Hello, my name is Donna. I love your newsletter and tell friends about you.

My question is that my hubby wants to get me a new computer–from Dell, I have one now–is 6 years old and he gets tired of kids saying is slow, I have windows xp, have heard vista and windows 8 do not get but get windows 7 and do not think xp is an option.

What is a good choice from these to get.

Thanks, Donna

Dear Donna,

You are right, Windows XP, and Vista are not even an option at this point for a new computer.

In fact, Windows 7 is no longer available on new computers unless you find someone to build a custom computer for you. Dell does still sell Windows 7 to business customers, but not to their home customers.

In the long run, Windows 8 is going to be your best purchase. You are going to have to get used to a new operating system anyway, so I don’t see any sense in spending more money now to get an older operating system, when you will eventually have to learn Windows 8 or some newer OS.

To prepare for the new computer, and to continue to learn when you have it, I would suggest you get Professor Teaches Windows 8. You can use it on your current computer for a preview, and then install it on the new one. The Professor Teaches CD gives you a practice desktop, so it looks and acts like you are using Windows 8 even on your XP machine.



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