Should I Update to Windows 8.1

Dear Computer Lady,

I just bought a computer a few months ago with windows 8.

Would it be wise to update it to window 8.1?

Thanks , Brenda

Dear Brenda,

Actually, your computer might have already updated itself to Windows 8.1. I checked my computer after reading your email, and found that it was already running windows 8.1. It had updated itself without any help from me.

If your computer hasn’t already updated itself, it would probably be wise to update it manually.

First, to check if your computer has the update or not, you need to go to the control panel.

Tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, and type, “Control Panel”.

Click on the link to the Control Panel, then click on “System and Security”.

Click on “System”.

A Window will be displayed that shows you information about your computer. In the top section, it will show you what version of Windows you are running. Check to see if it says Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

If your computer isn’t running 8.1 yet, you can easily install the update yourself. Here is how:

Tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, and type, “Windows Update”.

Click on the link to the Windows update, then click “Check For Updates”.

Click the, “Install Updates” button to install the update.



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