The Secret To Finding The Control Panel in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a way to access the old control panel in Windows 10? That would make my computer easier to use now that I have upgraded to 10.

Thanks so much, June

Dear June,

There is an easy way to access, not only the control panel, but also some of the other powerful tools included in the operating system. Actually, there are two very easy ways.

Method #1 is to right-click on the start button (which in Windows 10 is the white flag). You will find not only the control panel in the context menu, but also device manager, disk management, and a command prompt to name a few.

Method #2 is to use the keyboard combination, Windows logo key (the one with the flag on it in the bottom row) and the letter X. This will bring up the same menu that right-clicking on the start button brings.



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