Windows 8 Lock Screen

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I hope you can help me.

When I turn on my computer a screen appears that is locked. Normally I can open this with my mouse. Now I cannot get into it.

I’ve checked my mouse and keyboard and they are OK. I have windows 8.1. My computer is Lenova. I would appreciate any suggestions. Control,alt,delete doesn’t unlock the screen. I love your columns.

Thank you for your help, Helene

Dear Helene,

While it is possible that there is a problem with your mouse, keyboard or the computer itself, it is also possible that your solution is as simple as one key on the keyboard.

If you are looking at the lock screen that usually has a rainbow on it, try the “Enter” key on your keyboard. That should bring you to the login screen.

If that doesn’t work, I would need to take a look at your computer in order to troubleshoot the problem.



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