Windows 8 Login Options

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have a friend who has Windows 8.

She can not do anything with it because the machine asks her to sign in with user-id and password.

What must she do to enable her to use her computer?

So much for user-friendly Windows 8.


Dear Terry,

When you first set up your computer using Windows 8, you have two options for creating a user account.

You can create an account using your Microsoft Live account. The email address is your user name and your Microsoft Live password is the password.

Or, you can create a local account with a user name and optional password.

I don’t know how your friend’s computer was set up, you would have to ask the person who set it up for her.

If that person is not available, have her bring it into a local computer shop like mine. We can help her get the account setup just the way she wants.

If you have a Windows live account, and you use it to log into your computer, Microsoft will automatically save some of your settings and use those settings when you sign into a different Windows 8 computer with your Windows Live account.


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