Windows 8 Shutdown Shortcut

[ad]Dear Elizabeth,

I am in the new world of Windows 8. Wow.

Any tips to using this new world would be helpful
I have found some help sites, but you do things so nicely I thought I would ask again.

Instructions for Windows 8 ?????????


Dear Bob,

I would be happy to answer your questions about Windows 8, although I always do better answering a specific question about how to do a task, than just giving tips.

For today though, I will give you a quick tip that I discovered the other day.

As you probably know, shutting down your Windows 8 computer can be tricky. You have to hover your cursor in the upper-right corner of your screen, then when the charms bar slides out, you click “Settings” and then “Power” and finally, “Shut Down”.

That’s a lot of hovering and clicking for something that you should do at least once a day.

To make things a little bit easier, you can use the keyboard combination, Windows Key + C to slide out the charms menu, or press the Windows Key and the letter I to go directly to the settings menu.

I hope this helps.



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