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A friend is using this

Per my friend, it makes the start screen look like Windows 7. They got Windows 8 and then immediately downloaded the above. My question is since I have Windows 8.1 and have installed some programs and downloaded pictures to the computer, will this application/program make it so I have to reinstall programs, printer, scanner, and will I lose my pictures?

I previously used Windows Vista and unlike some others I liked it. I haven’t used Windows 7.

I read all your emails and am learning a lot.

Thanks, Brenda

Dear Brenda,

The only thing this program will do, is add a start menu so that you can navigate the computer they way you used to in Windows 7. It will not delete pictures or programs that you have installed.

Of course, just to be safe, you always want to have your data backed up, and your programs on disk just in case. You never know when something as simple as installing a program or doing an update will corrupt your files, and result in data loss.

There is also a free start menu program called Classic Shell at which works quite well.



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