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The fastest way to find anything in Windows 8 is to use the search feature in the start screen.

The fastest way to get to the start screen is to tap the windows logo key on your keyboard.

Let’s say that you want to type a letter in Microsoft Word. The fastest way to open Word, is to tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, and when the start screen appears, type “Word” on the keyboard.

Windows 8 will search for what you have typed, and display the results in a list. You can either click on the item in the list that you were looking for, or if that item is already highlighted, tap the “Enter” key.

If you wanted to change the wallpaper on your desktop, tap the Windows Logo key, type, “Wallpaper” and then click on “Change Desktop Background” in the list that appears.

Not only does this work for programs installed on your computer, but it also works for data. Lets say you want to find someone in your contacts. Tap the windows logo key, and then type the person’s name (or even a phone number). Wait a second for the search results to load, and you will see a list of every document that contains that name.



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