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Dear Computer Lady 

Sure hope you can help me with this problem, I can no longer click on to the icons on my desk top and move them .When I do they zip right back to where they were.

For some reason they have all moved to the left side of my desk top and cant be moved. Can you help me with this. 

Thank you so much. Marifay 


Dear Marifay,

You can no longer arrange your icons the way you want to, because Auto Arrange has been turned on.

Here is how to fix it:

1. Right click on your desktop. A small menu will appear.
2. Point to “Arrange Icons” or “Arrange Icons By” and a sub-menu will appear.
3. In the sub-menu, one of the options will say “Auto Arrange”. If there is a check mark in front of Auto Arrange, it is turned on, no check mark means it is turned off.

Since your icons are not staying where you want to put them, there will be a check mark in front of “Auto Arrange”. Just click on it to remove the check mark and turn off Auto Arrange.


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