Boost XP


Boost XP

Works in Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Boost XP is a great program that can help you with a multitude of tasks on your computer, and unlike its name, Boost XP even works in Windows 98.

I found Boost XP easy to install, and I was impressed that the first thing it did was set a system restore point so that I could easily undo any changes I made with the program.



Once it was done with the system restore, the program presented me with a very easy to understand and navigate window. While there are too many functions to mention here, I have listed a few of the more interesting (to me) functions here.

Logon Settings:

Boost XP has a whole page of logon settings you can change. You can hide user names from the welcome page, or have the computer automatically log on to one user every time. 

Put the accumulated clutter away 

 BoostXP scans and fixes problems caused by invalid entries, references and links in the Windows registry and clears the garbage collected on your hard drive during normal usage. 

Enhance performance and increase the breadth of memory 

BoostXP is the utility for serious Windows tweakers! It lets you change the Windows registry settings, improve appearance, optimize performance and enhance functionality. Not only this, it manages the free memory and increases available memory to run Windows programs. 

Be in active control of programs on your system 

BoostXP is an essential component of your security administration. It can restrict a specific system user to only run specific programs, and secures your system by disabling features of operating system or Internet Explorer that are exposed to security threats. 

Take control of your system 

BoostXP gives you instant access to hidden Windows XP settings. You can make the Windows taskbar transparent, tweak several types of desktop settings, customize the Start menu, and enable several hidden performance options that are otherwise difficult to find and change. 

Rescue center for smooth system functioning 

Backup your essential information and assure your operations. BoostXP not only takes backup of your complete system but can also restore your system to last known good configuration when required. 

Safeguard your system and ensures privacy 

BoostXP lets you to selectively view cookie contents and Internet Explorer cache as a separate file, and delete them. It clears the Internet Explorer’s visited link/URL history and recent document history to ensure privacy. 

Manage files easily 

BoostXP includes a comprehensive utility that fixes and recovers data from a corrupt zip file. In addition, it can split or rejoin a file and can securely delete your files. 

BoostXP also has a handy appointment planner that will play an alarm to remind you of appointments.

This is a great program that does the work of a half dozen programs all rolled into one. At $29.95, this is a great deal!

You can buy your copy today at:


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