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Thank you Computer Lady, your emails are so informative.

My issue is that I am still using Windows XP, I know Microsoft stopped supporting it since April 2015, I also noticed that I can no longer update Java. Recently Firefox crashes frequently and if I use Internet Explorer the message I notice is that the version I am using is no longer supported by the site I go to. I have tried a few fixed to no avail.

Any suggestions until I purchase a new PC. I usually back up my files.

Thank you, Sherona

Dear Sherona,

As you are finding, it is getting harder and harder to run XP, and you are very lucky that you have not been infected with anything that would comprimise your files or your computer.

My suggestion for using the computer from now until you purchase a new one is to use a Linux CD and run the computer from that. Using a Linux Live CD, you can boot your computer to the CD, and use it without using XP at all. I have set this up for several of my customers who just couldn’t afford a new computer, and it held them over until they saved the money.

One of the easiest versions of Linux to do this with is Puppy Linux at:
Another version is Linux Mint at:

What you would do with either of these is to visit the website, download the .ISO file, use that file to create a CD, then use that CD to start your computer. If all that sounds intimidating, find a local computer shop like mine, and they should be able to create the disk for you and show you how to use it.



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