2 Simple Ways To Create Shortcuts

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I make a shortcut on my desktop?

I used to be able to be able to make an icon shortcut by right-clicking and getting the menu.

I am unable to do that with Windows 7 How Do I do it?


Dear Judy,

I can give you directions for putting a shortcut to a file on your desktop, but I will also start out by saying if you don’t have the right-click menu in Windows 7, then there is something wrong with your computer. It should be there.

These directions will work for all versions of Windows.

Method #1 for creating a shortcut on your desktop:

1. Find the file (program or data) you want to make a shortcut to.

2. Right-click on the file to display the context menu.

3. In the context menu, point to “Send To” and click on, “Desktop (Create Shortcut) in the sub-menu.

Method #2 for creating a shortcut on your desktop:

1. Using file explorer, find the file you want to create your shortcut for.

2. Reduce the size of the file explorer window, so you can also see your desktop.

3. Using the right mouse button, drag the file to your desktop

4. When you release the right mouse button, you will have a small options menu appear.

5. Click on “Create Shortcut” to create a shortcut to the file on your desktop.



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