Can I remove Old Service Packs?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have enjoyed all your news letters. I have found a lot of help and very good ideas from you. My problem is…

Is it safe to uninstall service pack 2 as I am now running service pack three, and the old service pack 2 takes up a lot of space. so if there is no need for it I would like to uninstall it. Thanks again for all your help in the past.

Best Regards KAY


Dear Kay,

When Microsoft releases a service pack, it is a collection of updates in one file. A service pack makes it easier to get the updates all at once instead of one at a time.

In most cases, each service pack is an addition to the one before and does not include previous updates. For this reason, you need to have each service pack installed.

I have not tried it, but I suspect that if you installed service pack 3, and then un-installed service pack 2, you would have a very unstable computer.


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