Can I Upgrade XP to 10?

[ad]Dear Computer lady

I have windows xp on my computer.

Can I download Windows 10 and upgrade without having to buy a new one? Right now I can’t afford to do that.


Dear Tip,

Unfortunately, the free Windows 10 upgrade is only available for computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Since you are running Windows XP, you would be able to purchase a copy of Windows 10 Home for $119 or Windows 10 Pro for $199, however, you would need to make sure the hardware on your older computer would be capable of running Windows 10.



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    • chrisverhoeven
    • June 19, 2015

    hi Elizabeth,

    i just came across your blog and i love it.
    It’s a great resource and have lots of information.

    I just read this article and i wanted to give some feedback for Tip as an answer to his/her question…

    You can download windows 10 only if you use windows 7 with service pack 1 or if you use windows 8.1
    This not goes for windows 8.

    When it comes to windows xp, it’s not possible to get windows 10 for free. you’ll need to buy it.

    Elizabeth, i’ll be more here on your blog and love to give my feedback from time to time.



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